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Whole Self Health and Natural Nutrition
Jill L. Jacobsen 

Jill specializes in healthy everyday living and eating for whole self-health and wellness promotion, including weight, stress and behavior management. She is the sole owner of the fitness company, Team Fit where her dedicated team of instructors hosts different formats of programs to have their clients’ goals achieved as well as maintained. Beginning as a one woman show in 2006, now has 14 certified trainers on board offering everything from Zumba Fitness®, boot camps, TRX Training, to Men Only programs, resistance training, cycle challenge and circuit classes.  Team Fit has current contracts with school districts, numerous of hospital affiliations, surrounding gym facilities and other multi-billion dollar corporations.  Team Fit, Inc. also co-sponsors many community events include marathons, exhibits, fun raisers and other annual functions to promote a healthier lifestyle for all.

Jill has a way of inspiring others to embrace healthy, balanced lifestyles  which permit them to live life to the fullest. Her creations are designed to satisfy your taste-buds and support your ability to look, feel and be your best.

An author of numerous positive mind set articles and hundreds of recipes, Jill demonstrates her love of life and learning Her ongoing studies see her learning, adapting, revising and rewriting everything from recipes to life views. She does her best to nurture herself from with-in and live each day fully. It is this very practice that makes Jill so real, so easy to relate to and so able to speak to you.   She continues to broaden her studies and attends yearly national conferences.

Jill recently finished her second cookbook, Picnics and Parties Minus the Pounds, in March of 2014.  Her third book, small plates, will debut late February 2015.

Jill is the creator of the gluten-free, protein enriched snack, Pow Chow. She is also in the final stages of launching her salsa line, Swassy Salsas; gluten free brownies; alfredo sauce and much, much more. 

Simply Slender is dedicated to offer products to consumers with the following options:
            Gluten free
            Free of artificial coloring
            No acid treated whey protein
            Low in sugar
            Carb conscious friendly
            No added sugars
            No added preservatives
            Wholesome goodness 
            Wheat free, egg free, rice free corn free options

If there is one really great thing you can do for yourself, it is learning how to cherish and prepare fab foods that nourish your mind, your body and your soul. Each of my recipe creations are designed to satisfy your taste-buds and support your ability to look, feel and be your best. 


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