Pow Chow
Powerfully Packed, Delectably Gratifying

I had the pleasure of reviewing this delightful treat: Pow Chow by Simply Slender. I look at several elements in products: Aesthetics, Nutrition delivered, Type of ingredients and most importantly, would I eat it again. As a Dietitian, I frequently have had clients asking me, “what can I eat that would be a good quick snack” in the form of a product such as a bar or pouched item. I typically have a short list of recommendations and I can add Pow Chow to this list.

I appreciate that it is made from recycled material and that the bag is re-sealable, allowing for responsible eating…although it’s tough to put down once you start eating. I turn it around and investigate ingredients & nutrition provided. Wholesome ingredients, its gluten free and I highlight the use of Vitamin E, ground flax seed and whey protein…all pluses. The close to 3:1 carb to protein ratio is a good aide for proper glycogen replenishment, increased protein synthesis and reduction of muscle breakdown. I used this post a hard lifting session, combined with my protein shake, and it not only satisfied my hunger but also calmed my nerves and help me to recover to get back at it the very next day.

Lastly, here comes the kicker…how is the taste? Love it! I get a great combo of smooth, sweet and crunch. Because of the peanut butter, the need for having some water might be needed but we all should have water handy not matter what! Whether if you plan on using as mid-day treat or post-workout meal, Pow Chow delivers. I know it left me reaching for another bag!

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In Best Health!
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